phi stool


the phi stool is based on triangular geometries and chance operations.


together, forms are generated.


the surface of the stools are left un-milled, but sanded to reflect a certain stage of harvesting lumber, which is almost always unseen. 


tops are finished with a chance drip-ebonization finish, which reacts with the natural tannins in the wood.


the edges of the stool top are hand-hewn with a draw-knife. 


the legs are made of Fraxinus americana (White Ash), a very hard and resilient North American hardwood.


features through mortise & tenon leg to seat joint, and a dovetail housing joint (across the seat grain - for durability and strength).


made of Quercus rubra, Prunus serotina & Fraxinus americana (White Oak, Black Cherry & White Ash).


finished with 100% tung oil.


~14"w x 17.5"h