north park eco renovation

north park heritage home eco renovation


phase 1: lime plaster demolition, wall & skylight well framing, beginning of light clay infill insulation.


phase 2: floor structure demolition, crawlspace excavations, concrete perimeter foundation & new perimeter wall framing.


phase 3: continued concrete foundation and framing.


phase 4: more foundation & framing work.


phase 5: framing, windows & exterior lime plaster.


north park heritage home eco renovation

working in conjunction with the owner, we discovered that this 100+ year old heritage home required a major overhaul. the entire front end of the house required new foundation work, new floor framing, new wall framing, new wall finishing and insulation.

we refinished all the walls, interior and exterior to original specs: lath & plaster (douglas fir laths & lime binder).

we added light clay infill insulation (clay & wood shavings) to all the wall and ceiling cavities. there was previously no insulation to be found.

the entire front end of the house was giving a new reinforced concrete perimeter foundation.

all the framing, including new window openings, lintels, etc, were brought up to code.

new windows were installed in sealed and flashed window openings.


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