nature cycles: green stuff

nature cycles: green stuff (boreal series)




walking through everyday

human dominated sites and sounds,

it is simple to miss

or become oblivious

of miniature universes,

of green stuff,

of hard grey matter,

of spindly decay,

of families we can't see,

of sounds we cannot perceive,

of small things

that remain independent, sovereign and free

from our heavy, brash and myopic legitimacy.




invisible moisture constantly surrounds us.

hidden in small pockets of sensuous dark green plant matter,

that, if we could fit inside,

lay down in it,

we would be awestruck

with the dominion of plants,

with their sublime architecture,

with their mind halting stillness,

with their juicy, otherworldly, magic skin.


their own decay and death

allows them to grow out of rock.




when watching green stuff

slowly walk over grey stuff

i stop thinking because it is the only sane thing to do.


sanity, how far is it now?


right there...

beneath your feet!


nature cycles: green stuff (boreal series)

photography and poetry