elemental stools


the elemental stool is the result of years of research and experimentation in the design and function of wood seating.


it features slender legs made of dense and resilient Hickory.


the seat itself, made of various local, reclaimed and domestic hardwoods, has an integral dovetail housing rail inserted into the underside. What this rail does is structurally prevents the seat from cracking or splitting over time, and actually allows the wood to expand and contract with seasonal changes. 


the fact is, wood moves, and if you don't allow it to, wood structures become compromised or worse.


this stool breaths along with the seasons, with the elements. 


features through mortise & tenon leg to seat joint, and a dovetail housing joint (across the seat grain - for durability and strength).


made of various local & domestic hardwoods: Red Oak, White Oak, Black Cherry, Hard Maple, Black Walnut.


legs are made in either Hickory or White Ash.


finished with 100% Tung Oil.