inner silence

Wood working...what is it, really?

Why do we humans have this urge to work with trees in such a way?

We take something so fluid and organic, and then peel layers upon layers of its flesh to attempt to create a flatness and a squareness.

We impose this logical, numerical, mathematical and rigid part of ourselves onto an entity, which has no legs, reaches deep into the Earth searching for nourishment, and up towards the Sky to release its moisture and breath. 

These self-sacrificing beings do not make a sound as chainsaws rip through their flesh. 

Trees freely provide their bodies for our consumption, manipulation, and transformation, without any request for compensation.

Further, I am personally dependent on their sacrifices. Without trees, I would not be doing the work I am doing, nor would I have had breakfast this morning.

Even beyond the lumber that trees provide, I find that when working with wood, something more is given. 

A deep sense of focus and awe can emerge spontaneously. 

Thoughtless moments become normalized.

An inner silence does present itself - wood's medicine is the state of balance and purpose. 



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