dark wood


I had a conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday. He was telling me about how he was reading up on Einstein's theory of relativity, and how he initially came up with it when he was 16 or 18. We eventually spoke about Einstein's gravity revolution, about trampolines, bowling balls, golf balls and other spherical objects, and how they all warp space and time of each other. This all lead us to talking about dark matter, dark energy, black holes and how the universe is ultimately made up of imperceptible things that have much more influence and effect on the way visible, touchable things move and are, than the things that are perceptible do. So, we are somehow guided or influenced by unseen, imperceptible, untouchable, unknowable essences of darkness.

This lead me to contemplate wood, trees, the very essence of growth and anger (wood is described in Chinese medicine as the energy of growth, anger, structure and planning), which is mostly unseen, and how this dark wood is always motivating, influencing and guiding me to move and think in a certain way. Wood, which becomes so dim at times, makes my mind, heart, body and soul lighten with a clarity of structure and purpose.

It is with utter awe, fascination and curiosity that I stare into mounds of Oak shavings after they have been surgically removed from the surface of slices of a tree.

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